FEATURING: Timex Southview Multifunction

As I sifted through my own personal stash of vintage family photos a realization came over me…I’m looking more and more like my old man. All throughout my adolescence I would receive a slew of comments “you are definitely your mother’s son” or “you have your mom’s face on your dad’s body” (which was comical to envision as a ten year old) but it was true. Nowadays there’s something really cool about maturing like your father and obtaining more masculinity and confidence.

I love my dad. We have always had this very special, goofy bond. He’s taught me to not take life too seriously but at the same time, fight for what you love and want. After all, he’s owned his own business for more than 20 years so to follow in his entrepreneurial steps is a great honor to me. I never take for granted that he’s always there ready to answer another business question, or offer life advice. As I mentioned on social media, I’m so excited to start traveling with my family and especially my dad soon again. Our last trip was to visit extended family in Colorado 4 years ago but I think I’m going to surprise him with something really special soon…

This year I’ve teamed up with Timex to share my Father’s Day with you all and showcase some great timepieces that are a perfect fit to gift your dad on that special day. What I love is that they’re affordable, classic & an all around great piece to dress up or dress down. I’m showcasing Timex’ Southview Multifunction while I reminisce some travel Polaroid’s below the NYC skyline (dad if you’re reading this, I’m also still hoping you visit this city soon. no pressure).



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